Proc. of the IEEE International Conf. on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (ICASSP), Vol. 6, pp. 3526-3529, Istanbul, 2000

The DSP experiments for under graduate students

Y. Fuchiwaki, N. Usuki, T. Arai and Y. Murahara

Abstract: This paper describes digital signal processing (DSP) micro-processor experiments designed for university juniors majoring in electric & electronic (E & E) engineering. At the time of enrollment, most students have only studied the curriculum for analog signal processing which is taken in the prior semester. The proposed DSP microprocessor experiments are included along with analog signal processing. This early-on introduction to DSP technology allows students to realize that, in comparison with analog circuits, DSP microprocessors can process the same signals in real-time with broader flexibility. Such an understanding is considered important to instill strong incentive for students to become interested in the field of DSP.

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