Proc. of the European Conf. on Speech Communication and Technology (Eurospeech), Vol. 1, pp. 391-394, Aalborg, 2001

Modelling the perceptual identification of Japanese consonants from LPC cepstral distances

M. Komatsu, S. Tokuma, W. Tokuma and T. Arai

Abstract: This study attempts to account for the perceptual phenomenon observed in Komatsu et al. [1] in terms of the spectral properties of the LPC re-synthesised stimuli. To implement this, LPC cepstral distances between re-synthesised samples and their original samples are measured. The results of the acoustic analysis and their comparison with the perceptual data indicate that there is a striking similarity in patterns between the spectral property of the Japanese consonants and their perceptual scores. This suggests that the role played by spectral information in the perception of Japanese consonants is significant across all consonant types, and also implies that even in its crudest form, it contributes significantly to their perception.

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