Welcome to the "Acoustic-Phonetics Demonstration" website! This website introduces demonstrations of interdisciplinary fields related to acoustic phonetics. We have a collection of demonstrations, some of which you may have only read about in textbooks, but have never actually heard the sounds or seen the demonstrations. We have a number of speech and sound demonstrations, as well as demonstrations using graphics and videos. The number of demonstrations is expected to increase. If you have any questions, comments, or requests, please feel free to send an email to the following.

Takayuki ARAI, Ph.D.
Department of Information and Communication Sciences
Sophia University

Table of Contents

Basic Acoustics

Basic Acoustics
[A100] Propagation of sound
[A200] Sound pressure
[A300] Simple harmonic motion
[A400] Wavelength
[A500] Standing waves
[A600] Resonance (Part 1)
[A610] Resonance (Part 2)
[A700] Helmholtz resonance

Digital Signal Processing
[D710] Sound spectrograph
[D800] Digital pattern playback (DPP)

Anatomy and Physiology
[F100] Lungs (Part 1)
[F110] Lungs (Part 2)
[F120] Lungs (Part 3)
[F200] Speech organs
[F800] Auditory organs

Introduction to Acoustic Phonetics
[G100] Phonation
[G200] Vocal-tract configuration (Part 1)
[G210] Vocal-tract configuration (Part 2)
[G300] Three-tube model
[G400] Perturbation theory
[G500] Source-filter theory

[I100] Vowels in F1-F2 chart

[K300] F2-onset frequency and place of articulation
[K310] F2-onset frequency and place of articulation -Part 2-
[K320] /de/ vs. /ge/
[K400] Voice onset time (VOT)

[L200] Sibilants (/sa/ vs. /sha/)

[M300] Affricates vs. fricatives (/shi/ vs. /chi/)

[O300] English /r/ vs. /l/
[O310] English /r/ vs. /l/ in noise environment

Vocal-Tract Models
[V100] 3D Printing for Vocal-Tract Models

Categorical Perception
[U100] Categorical Perception