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About us

Arai Laboratory was established in April 1998. We are currently engaged in research and education related to speech and acoustics. The laboratory was established in the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering and was referred to as “SPLAB” as an abbreviation of “(Speech) Signal Processing Laboratory.” After departmental reorganization in our faculty, the laboratory is now in the Department of Information and Communication Sciences, and we now use “SPLAB” as an abbreviation of “Speech Communication Laboratory.” Research is mainly in the speech communication field but extends to any field related to acoustics and speech (e.g., linguistics, speech and language pathology, psychology, social welfare, education, and musicology), so we do interdisciplinary research.

  • education in acoustics (e.g., physical models of human vocal tract),
  • acoustic phonetics,
  • speech and hearing sciences,
  • speech production,
  • speech analysis and speech synthesis,
  • speech signal processing (e.g., speech enhancement),
  • speech / language recognition and spoken language processing,
  • speech perception and psychoacoustics,
  • acoustics for speech disorders,
  • speech processing for hearing impaired,
  • speaker characteristics in speech, and
  • real-time signal processing using DSP processors.