In this project (Multilingual UltraSound Project: MUSP), we conduct ultrasound experiments to investigate the pronunciations in various languages.

Through collaborative investigation in which each member manage a subproject based on their own research interests, we aim to understand the mechanisms underlying speech production and acquisition.

Here are our ongoing subprojects.

Experiment A
We use ultrasound imaging to clarify articulatory movementsduring speech production in learners of Japanese, focusing on the articulation of moraic nasal /N/.

Experiment B
We investigate the phonetic characteristics of sokuon (obstruent geminates) in Japanese as produced by native speakers and learners.

Experiment C
We investigates the voiced-voiceless contrast of Japanese plosives and examines the production of Japanese plosives by Chinese learners of Japanese. 

Experiment D
We investigate the effect of auditory feedback in the speech productions of Japanese speakers.

Experiment E
We investigate speech difficulties in the native language, currently focusing on the Japanese language.

You can find more project descriptions and our publications at the MUSP official website.