Acoustical Society of Japan 2017 Autumn Meeting

The 2017 Acoutical Society of Japan Autumn meeting was held at Ehime University from the 25th September to the 27th September. We had presentations for the special sessions and the speech communication session from the Arai lab.

September 25th Special Session: Acoustic exercises for primary and middle school children
(Invited talk) “What we learn through sound and voice related handicrafts” Takayuki Arai
(Invited talk) “A plan of teaching material contest for acoustics and teaching materials on acoustics for school children and junior high school students” Akira Nishimura, Takayuki Arai, Fumiaki Satoh, Sakae Yokoyama

September 26th Special Session: Speech science regarding L1 and L2
“Nasality of word initial /CV/ syllables produced by a vocal-tract model with the nasal cavity” Jihyeon Yun, Takayuki Arai
“Pitch and duration as auditory cues to identify Japanese long vowels for Japanese learners” Chung Ting Justine Hui, Takayuki Arai

September 27th Speech Communication
“Acoustic analysis on the speech of cochlear implant patient: A case study of severe sudden deafness” Risa Shimizu, Yuko Sakaguchi, Rion Iwasaki, Takayuki Arai, Moriyuki Mano, Atsushi Kawano, and Kyoko Shirai
“Perception of geminate and non-geminate consonants in Japanese with devoiced vowels by elderly listeners” Eri Iwagami, Takayuki Arai, Keiichi Yasu, and Kei Kobayashi
“The categorical perception of Japanese single/geminate contrast in reverberation by native and non-native listeners” Eri Osawa, Takayuki Arai, Mafuyu Kitahara
“Influences of differences in pitch of pure tones on onomatopoeic expressions: Common tendency in different native speakers” Megumi Matsui, Takayuki Arai

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