Acoustical Society of Japan 2024 Spring Meeting

The Acoustical Society of Japan 2024 Spring Meeting was held from the 6th March to the 8th March. We had presentations for speech communication, education in acoustics, and a special session from Arai lab.

The topics of our presentations are below:

March 6th
Session: Speech communication
・H. Kashima, T. Arai, T. Sugimoto, K. Kinoshita and Y. Nakayama, “Perception of speech uttered as speaker faces different directions: Identification of speaker’s facing direction from the listener”

・T. Arai, R. Suzuki, E. Chandler and S. Tsuji, “PC-controlled vocal-tract models for speech dynamics”

・M. Kasuya and T. Arai, “Production of vowel reduction by Japanese German learners: The impact of English on the learning of German”

・K. Takeuchi, N. Aoki, T. Arai, K. Suzuki, W. Hata, H. Seki and K. Yasu, “A survey of noise environment in communication for speech therapists”

・S. Tsuji and T. Arai, “An investigation of what factors affect speech recognition under reverberation for individuals with unilateral hearing loss”

March 7th
Session: The visualization and application of the articulation (Special session)
・M. Shimizu, T. Arai, A. Mizoguchi, M. Morimoto, W. Li and N. Yamane, “A preliminary study on tongue control during high-speed speech: Observations using ultrasound”

・E. Aiba, M. Morimoto, A. Mizoguchi, W. Li and T. Arai, “The effect of pitch-accent patterns on Japanese vowel articulation: A preliminary ultrasound analysis”

March 8th
Session: Education in acoustics
・Q. Chang and T. Arai, “Experiment and training method on the tuning tasks of Major 3rd”

Session: Speech communication (Poster presentation)
・T. Igeta, E. Aiba and T. Arai, “A case study of the perception of Japanese vowels /o/-/u/ by native Chinese listeners”

・R. Suzuki, K. Animo and T. Arai, “Effects of noise on human speaker identification: Analysis of reaction time”

(Updated on 2024/03/10)

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