Ultrafest Ⅺ

We presented our research at the Ultrafest Ⅺ, held from June 24th to June 25th.

The title of our presentations are below:

・W. Li, A. Mizoguchi, M. Morimoto and T. Arai, “Tongue position in Japanese intervocalic voiced and voiceless stops”
・M. Morimoto, A. Mizoguchi, T. Arai and W. Li, “Emphatic Gemination of Nasals in Japanese Reduplicative Mimetics: Preliminary Ultrasound Tongue Observations”
・A. Mizoguchi, M. Morimoto, W. Li and T. Arai, “Place Assimilation of Chinese (L1) and Japanese (L2) Coda Nasals by Speakers of Standard Chinese”
・M. Shimizu, T. Arai, A. Mizoguchi, M. Morimoto, W. Li and N. Yamane, “Ultrasound Observation of Tongue Contour for Sibilant Fricatives in Fast Speech: A Pilot Study”

You can find further details about Ultrafest here.

(Updated on 2024/06/27)

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