Critical-band compression algorithms for digital hearing aidss

Technical Report of IEICE Japan, Vol. SP2002-102, pp. 41-45, 2002 (in Japanese)

Critical-band compression algorithms for digital hearing aidss

K. Yasu, M. Hishitani, T. Arai and Y. Murahara

Abstract: In this paper, a novel algorithm for digital hearing aids was proposed, which considering the feature of the wider auditory filter of hearing impaired people. We have focused on this wider auditory filter shape and developed a method in which the critical band is compressed along the frequency axis. This algorithm is implemented by two approaches: the Filterbank (FB)-based approach and the FFT-based approach. To evaluate this aigorithm, two experiments were conducted: articulation test for Experiment 1, and MOS evaluation for Experiment 2. As the results of the experiments, these results show the feasibility of frequency compression algorithm for the hearing impaired people.

Keywords: digital hearing aids, critical-band, frequency compression, hearing impaired

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