Speech-related, barrier-free life

Trans. Tech. Comm. Psychol. Physiol. Acoust., The Acoustical Society of Japan, Vol. 37, No. 5, H-2007-66, pp. 377-382, 2007 (in Japanese)

Speech-related, barrier-free life

T. Arai

Abstract: We discussed the aspects of a sound-related, barrier-free life. We divided the aspects into three categories and discussed related topics: A) hearing-related issues B) speech-production, and C) other issues in which sound can contribute to overcome barriers. Speech is used in many situations in daily life, and not only are factors related to disabilities or information assurance important, but also addressing psychological issues is crucial to building an environment where people can live securely and comfortably with each other. A barrier-free life is based on human-to-human communication, and we should not forget that this is most productive and fulfilling when translated into heart-to-heart communication.

Keywords: barrier-free, speech, communication, human information

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